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      COMPULSORY discussion task on the structures that limit one's choices. Forum

      After studying the first section of the course it is time for reflection exercise.

      For reflection: identify cultural, social, and material structures that restrict your own choices.

      Consider the structural boundaries placed by your own living environment, for example, on climate-smart activity. In which situations do you have to make choices that are not in accordance with your values and why does this happen? In your reflection, you can draw on the following questions related to everyday sustainability.

      • Can you move by muscle power or via public transport between your home and your work place or school?
      • Can you choose what energy source you use for heating or cooling your apartment? Can you adjust the room temperature of your home and your work or studying environment? 
      • How easy or inexpensive is it for you to plan for an environmentally friendly diet, when you consider your own skills and the availability and prices of different foods? 
      • How do the norms and values of your social circle, and possibly the needs and expectations of family members, support or hinder environmental choices in your everyday life?

      Not available unless: The activity Conformation is marked complete