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      After you have studied the contents of the fifth section:

      Write a concise reflection on environmental and sustainability research and planetary well-being: This discussion exercise concludes section 5 and the entire course: You can consider, for example, the following questions in your answer:

      In what ways do different fields of research participate in advancing planetary well-being? What do you consider important in developing environmental and sustainability research? Did the research introduced on the course give you any new ideas? In what ways could the knowledge produced by the research become a part of people's everyday activity?

      Participate in the conversation by commenting on at least one other writing or discussion chain. The purpose of the commenting is to increase interaction and improve learning. Please remember to keep your comments appropriate and constructive.

      This discussion will automatically be marked as complete after you have started one discussion and commented on the reflection of at least one other reflection. 

      This exercise is a mandatory part of the course.

      Not available unless: The activity Test your competence - section 4. is complete and passed