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      During the course, you will hopefully have learned something new and now have a better understanding of the world's systemic nature. 

      At the end of the course, we will ask you to tell us about an issue or phenomenon that has come to your mind during the course, where systems thinking has brought new understanding or meaning - or perhaps just opened up more questions. You can also tell us about a problematic phenomenon that could perhaps be solved by a better understanding of the system. The definition of the task is therefore quite free, and is intended to highlight the different ways in which systems thinking can be applied.

      You can also contribute to the discussion by commenting on at least one other post or thread. The purpose of commenting is to increase interaction and improve learning. Please remember to keep your comments factual and constructive.

      This task is automatically marked as completed when you have started one discussion and participated in at least one other discussion.

      Not available unless: The activity Test your competence 4. is complete and passed