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      COMPULSORY discussion task: pathway/road map to the sustainability transition Forum

      Discussion task: pathway / road map to the sustainability transition


      This course includes a discussion task designed to test and develop your ability to apply the content you have learned in the course.

      • Choose a “case” actor or an area of human activity that interests you and that you think could contribute to the sustainability transition. Examples: a company, a work community, an organization you work for, a school you study in, or the transport system of your hometown. If you like, you can also design a pathway to make your own family’s daily activities as climate-wise as possible.
      • For your chosen case, outline a pathway to a sustainability transition. Set a target year for the pathway (e.g., 2030 or 2050) and an objective. Is the goal carbon neutrality? Or could it also be reducing other negative environmental impacts or promoting positive environmental impacts?
      • Outline the step-by-step path to reach the objective. Think about which actions are easiest to start with and which actions should be left for last – or which actions need to wait until the operational environment makes them easier to be undertaken. You can, for example, imagine what kind of climate action would need to be undertaken at municipal or national level so that the very last, vital steps towards carbon neutrality could be taken without unreasonable costs or challenges.
      • Write a short text on the pathway you have outlined: introduce your chosen topic and explain how you built a path towards a more sustainable future for your case. We also encourage you to include a picture, such as a PowerPoint or phone photo, of the path you have drawn – however, this is optional.
      • Contribute to the discussion by commenting on at least one other discussion thread. The purpose of commenting is to increase interaction and improve learning: reflect and share your thoughts on the other person's solution or comment. Please remember to remain polite and constructive in your comment.
      • An alternative, optional way to deepen your learning: make an entire road map instead of a pathway! A road map has three levels: 1) defining the objective; 2) a step-by-step time span spanning from the current situation towards a vision for the future; and 3) at least a couple of thematic levels of analysis, such as drivers and enablers of change, characteristics of and changes in the current system, and change agents. You can review the contents of these three levels in section 3.2. A road map therefore describes what is changing and how / by what means, and the steps to reach the objective.

      This task is automatically marked as completed once you have started one discussion and participated in at least one other discussion.

      This task is compulsory part of the course.

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