Topic outline

  • Features of Finnish education system and Finnish educational leadership to reflect further
    The Finnish education system has been evolving in history, not so differently from so many other countries. At first, the education system was very fragmented and the church had a strong role in it. Then the education was developed for serving the whole nation and for nation building purposes, where the role of the state radically strengthened. However, the medieval class society and inequality between the towns and the countryside prevailed. Like in many other countries, taking the modern welfare state, equity, and equality as fundamental social goals after the Second World War. In Finland, education is seen as the key policy tool for reaching these goals.

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    Professional identity, expertise, and agency

    The changes in our education system are so dramatic that they are radically affecting how educational professionals are conceiving who they are and what they do, what they must be capable of and how they must be acting. In the following we take a closest look at professional identity, expertise and agency. 

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    In the video below, Anita Siltanen head of ECEC centre tells about what is educational leadership in early childhood education and care in future.