Aiheen kuvaus

  • Why to study

    Thank you for your interest towards this course!  In this course, you will study by:

    • watching videos
    • familiarizing yourself with the text material and research articles
    • doing tasks that support your learning
    • sharing your ideas and thoughts about educational leadership
    • You will receive a grade after completing the compulsory tasks and studying according the instructions. Assesment scale: pass/fail.

    Courses are measured in ECTS credits. One ECTS credit corresponds to about 27 hours of work/studying, including course materials and assignments. You will get a credit and a course certificate (a transcript of records) from the University of Jyväskylä.

    Please first complete the Starting point question (your goals).  Also, complete the Informed consent for research form (one question). You can return to this survey at the end of the course.

    To see the compulsory tasks, you must sign up for the course and complete Starting point

    You can find tasks in the section What have we learned, and Share your ideas.

    After completing the course you will receive a credit and a course certificate (a transcript of records) of your competence from the University of Jyväskylä. Above all, you will learn something new and you can take advantage of what you have learned in your work and future studies! Note: Official university study register requires strong authentication. Welcome! 

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    Instruction: How to view videos on computer

    Note: There are subtitles available (a quotation mark at the bottom right corner of the video player).

    Instruction: Use the Completion Progress bar to keep track of how many assignments you have completed.