• Pedagogy in VET

    VET training is carried out mostly in vocational schools. The provider of VET decides the detailed contents and implementation of a vocational training programme  based on the national requirements. VET teachers are specialised professionals, of which 90% have pedagogical degree. All vocational teacher colleges offer pedagogical studies. These studies are targeted especially at vocational teachers already having a tenure, and for those aiming at a teaching career. The Pedagogical  Studies in VET (pedagogical qualification, 60 ECTS credits) grants the  formal pedagogical qualification for a teaching position in VET schools, universities of applied sciences, and Finnish schools in general. In addition to the pedagogical qualification, a teacher must fulfil several other requirements. Those vary according to level/institution/role and can apply to the degree, extent of subjects taught and working experience on field in question.

    The VET system was reformed in 2009, when a new goal was set to produce a qualification system capable of responding to the needs of Finnish work life, smoothly responding to changes in economics and society. The base of VET pedagogy is teaching to learn and understanding teacherhood (the role of the teacher as) as guiding the student. There is a strong idea of constructive pedagogy, in which the student is seen as an active agent for his/her own learning, bringing their previous skills, knowledge and conceptions into the process.  The goal of VET training and learning is for the student to obtain the necessary vocational skills and grow into a professional.

    The student and teacher plan together the process of learning: how, where, and when the required know-how is acquired. Every student will have a personal study plan and an ePortfolio as tools for planning, executing and following-up the learning process. They also help with recognising and acknowledging competence.Learning is not about time and place any more, or even about traditional school subjects. Teaching is based on an entity of work life operations: actions are planned according to work processes, and teachers’ own expertise and up-to-date knowledge is used.

    VET is developed in active cooperation with the world of work, and the purpose of VET is to produce competent workforce for all in need of it.

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