• Evaluation of competences

    In all vocational qualifications, there is one uniform way to show and evaluate skills: competence demonstration. Competence demonstrations are usually given at a workplace, during work-based learning periods. Students show their professional skills in actual job-related tasks, which are evaluated by teachers and workplace trainers.  

    (the) Assessment of learning takes place during work-place based learning, and it contains oral and/or written feedback. The objective is for the student to be able to assess what s/he already knows and what s/he needs to learn in order to reach the vocational competence requirements.

    The recognition of prior learning can be used to take into account the student’s previously acquired skills. As prior skills and knowledge are recognised, some part of the degree may be compensated.

    Competing and coaching in both national and international level is an essential part of Finnish VET. This improves learning of both students and teachers, helps to obtain superior vocational skills, and assists with the internationalisation of schools. The National Taitaja -competition (SkillsFinland) winners participate in international competitions, EuroSkills and WorldSkills. Naturally the brand of Finnish VET is at stake, too.

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