• Individual learning pathways

    Every VET student has an individual study path, as his/her studies are personalised.

    Prospective students can apply to VET whenever suitable and start their studies flexibly throughout the year. National joint application is organised each spring for those who have completed basic education and who do not have a secondary qualification. The aim is to ensure each young person a student place after basic education. 

    A personal competence development plan is drawn up for each student. The plan is drawn up by a teacher or a guidance counsellor together with the student and, when applicable, representative of working life. The plan charts and recognises the skills previously acquired by the student and outlines what kind of competences the student needs and how they will be acquired in different learning environments. Students may have obtained relevant skills from working life, another school, international study, work placement periods, family, and leisure activities, or through the media. Previous learning is recognised and only the missing skills are acquired. The plan also includes information on the necessary supportive measures. The support received by a student may involve special teaching and studying arrangements due to learning difficulties, injury or illness, or studies that support study abilities.

    Learn more by watching the Ministry of Education and Culture's video explaining the Finnish VET system:

    Vocational Education and Training is free of charge for the students. From autumn 2021, all study materials and tools are also free of charge for students completing their first VET Qualification. Every student also has the right for a free lunch on every study day.

    A VET student has the right for special support, if s/he needs long-term or regular help for studying because of learning difficulties, injury, sickness, or other relevant reason. The objective is to support the student in attaining the professional knowledge and skills required by the training programme.

    Special support measures mean systematic pedagogical support, as well as special teaching and learning arrangements, based on student’s aims and abilities.

    A VET student entitled to special support may have his/her evaluation modified. In such a situation, a personal evaluation framework is composed for this student. This framework can be adjusted only as much as needed based on student’s aims and abilities. An additional goal for special support is to advance the student’s rehabilitation in cooperation with the producers of rehabilitation services.