Topic outline

  • All students in Finland have the right to receive the support they need to achieve success. In the next video, Adjunct Professor Matti Kuorelahti, tells us how the special education system is an important a success factor of Finnish schools.

    The Finnish basic education system is based on the philosophy of inclusion, with the aim of education being equal. Pupils with special educational needs are included in mainstream education and in small groups when needed. Education in a special class or school is still possible. However, all children are supported individually to ensure that they can successfully complete their basic education. The available special educational support, which is rather extensive, is characterised by a low threshold and flexibility in getting the support/special education. Teachers make decisions regarding support based on students’ needs observed in everyday pedagogical practice. No formal medical diagnoses are required. Part-time special education is one way to support special educational needs. To learn more about Finnish special education support, listen to Professor Mikko Aro in ‘Support in basic education’.

    Next, special needs education teacher Satu Jokinen tells about her work.