• Introduction: holistic pedagogy throughout the day

    In this course you will learn the basic elements of Finnish high-quality early education, and its role as a steppingstone to the Finnish educational path and as a part of the Finnish education system. 

    This course is based on current research, high-quality multidisciplinary expertise on ECEC and pre-primary education at the University of Jyväskylä, the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care, the Act on Basic Education, the national core curricula for ECEC and for pre-primary education, and the evaluation reports, guidelines and quality indicators of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre. 

    Learning through the daily schedule: one day in Finnish ECEC

    Come join us and experience a child's day in ECEC and pre-primary education. Learn about the pedagogical principles and the implementation of inclusive and play-based pedagogy at various stages of the day. We present an example of a typical day. However, the course of the day varies depending on the individual needs and interests of the child, the centre, the group of children and the programme of the day. The different stages of the day, from morning to afternoon, guide our learning journey in pedagogy throughout.  

    Note: There are subtitles available (a quotation mark at the bottom right corner of the video player).


    Early childhood education and care, which from now on we call ECEC, refers to a systematic and goal-oriented whole consisting of education, instruction and care with a particular emphasis on pedagogy. Curriculum and pedagogy are powerful tools to shape daily activities and interaction within ECEC settings. ECEC and pre-primary education are an important part of the Finnish education system. They are important stages on the child's path of growth and learning because the main developmental progress takes place before school age. We see the child as an active learner, and encouragement for the lifelong learning path begins in ECEC. Finnish ECEC and pre-primary education is child centred, inclusive, play based and built on a holistic vision of child development and learning. Educational principles strengthen social inclusion, emphasize participation and embrace diversity.