Topic outline

  • Applying new knowledge to everyday life

    When you learn something new, you get excited about it and many new ideas come to you. However, it is not always enough to change your everyday life. Habits and practices, especially for us adults, are tenacious, and introducing new knowledge and skills into your everyday life requires a change in these familiar practices. Changes require energy and commitment.

    Working methods also depend on the operating environment, so the change in methods requires the involvement of the entire community and sometimes also the modification of the physical learning environment. In the work community, this requires the commitment of the team as well as of the entire organization to the desired change. 

    Now it is time to assess your own learning. Reflect on what has surprised you and consider ways to introduce your new knowledge into your everyday life.

    Before or after reflection, please remember to test what you have learned: welcome to the voluntary exam (quiz)! You can try as many times as you need to complete the quiz and you can start anytime! 

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    Tiina Lämsä (course responsible teacher) 

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